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Loving Home for this
Big Old Steiff Fella!!!

Found wrapped in a blanket in the attic of a New England home.
After years of love and happiness, this old Teddy was tucked away
only to be discovered once again.
Showing signs of the playful years,none the less, completely intact.
While it is not known who the girl is in the photo, her smile tells all.
Like a lot of large Teddies, this one has love handles ( bare spots ) under each arm.
The "Love Handles" were probably caused by small hands sticky with candy carrying the big Teddy

Condition & Details:
29" Tall
FF Button
Shoe Button Eyes
Tipped Mohair thinning here & there
Some Bare Spots under arms, back & legs
Fabric Backing Strong
Pads Mended
Original Nose Threads
Classic Steiff Face

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